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BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1795

A "William Grigg" is reported to have been appointed Collector, Street Surveyor and Bailiff June 28, 1837 by the newly elected Board of Police of the new Town of Cobourg. Andrew Jeffrey his brother-in-law?) was an elected member of this Board at the time. (ref: Page 87 in " Early Cobourg" by Percy L Climo, self-published, 1985, printed by Haynes Printing (Cobourg) Limited, 880 Division St Cobourg. ISBN0-9692131-0-7. This quotes the Cobourg Star of July 12, 1837.) 
GRIGG, William Ralph (I215)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1817 
JEFFREY, Peter (I1290)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 6 Apr 1836, Haldimand Twp. 
GILLESPIE, Peter (I1020)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Sunnyside, Berwickshire, United Kingdom. 
LYALL, Joseph (I664)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Swinton and Simprin, Berwick, Scotland.

DEATH: Also shown as Died Sutton, York County, Ontario. 
LYALL, Jean (I1060)

DEATH: Also shown as Died 6 Aug 1874 
MACDOUGAL, Janet (I233)

DEATH: Also shown as Died Crowbut, Berwick, Scotland, United Kingdom. 
SIMPSON, Jean (I67)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Isabel 
LYALL, Isobel (I70)

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as William B

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Prenderguest, Ayton, Berwick, Scotland, Great Britain. 
JEFFREY, William (I1279)

SURNAME: Also shown as Johnston 
JOHNSTONE, Margaret (I302)
11 "A Westmount Pioneer" (see Obit in Library/William Greig/Item 7)

Lived in Bridgeton Glasgow until 1859 when he went to Australia.

Returned to Glasgow in 1861 to marry Oct 1 1861 and land in Montreal Nov 1, 1861.

Served four years in the Montreal Garrison Artillery Volunteer Brigade at the time of the Trent Affair (a row between USA and Britain during the American Civil War - no actual battles).

Excerpts about him from the Obit:
"- Mr & Mrs Greig became considerable factors in the development of Cote St Antoine into the Westmount of today.
- A man of vision and his work for many years will not soon be forgotten.
- Connected with the large foundry business of Warden King for nearly half a century.
- A sturdy Presbyterian. An early member of Melville Church, Cote St Antoine. An elder and clerk of the session for many years.
- A member of the masonic order.
- Typical Scottish Canadian. Upright in all his dealings, alert and vigorous, strong in opinion and of wide reading, he was a type of those of earlier days who have made for us the Canada of today."

Due to ill health in 1910 moved to Baltimore for its more mild climate. Lived at 2000 Madison Ave, at the intersection with Presstman St (in 2018 Google Street View shows this address as the end unit of a 3 unit 3 storey brick townhouse block. Probably the original building, though maybe new in 1910).

William Cowan found (March 19, 2020):
"In the US Federal Census of 1920, three households are shown within 2000 Madison Avenue:
• The Silberman family of 9 with Tonchum Silberman shown as head of house
• The Greig family of 3
• The Meyer family of 2
• Someone has boarder named Charles Steen, carpenter

William, Elizabeth and their daughter Margaret are shown as aliens with Margaret immigrating in 1907 and her parents in 1910. It states that Margaret is 42 and William and Elizabeth are 82 (John notes that William was 2 years older than Elizabeth). Margaret is listed as a music teacher and for employment as “Own Account” as opposed to employee. Presumably she gave private music lessons, perhaps to kids after school.The Greigs are shown as renters.

Other interesting things about 2000 Madison Avenue that can be learned from the 1920 census. Tonchum Silberman (age 55) is stated as owner – presumably of their third of 2000 Madison Avenue. It states that he was born in Russia with Yiddish as his mother tongue. His wife was born in New York of Russian parents. Tonchum’s mother lives with them and is shown as 82 years of age. It says the mother is an alien having immigrated in 1890. She appears to only speak Yiddish. Tonchum is shown as a manufacturer in the dry goods business and as an employer. Their 6 children range in age from 8 years old to 27. The three sons are all shown as being in the dry goods manufacturing business, the 27 and 20 year olds shown as “employer” and the 18 year old as a wage earner. Perhaps Tonchum was intent on passing his dry goods business to his sons."

His son Wickliffe's Marriage License (Library/Wickliffe Greig/Item 3a) lists William's 'rank or profession' in 1911 as "Gentleman." Maybe that means retired. There is no evidence he attended the wedding in Toronto, though he may have.

Died in South Bristol where he was spending the summer.(See picture in Library Item 4)

Justice of the Peace for the City and district of Montreal since 1890.

Served in the Town as Councillor, Council of Westmount, for 7 years.

Lived at 400 Cote St Antoine ("Ardchoille" gaelic for 'wooded heights') Westmount according to the 1904-05 "Dau's Society Blue Book" found at the Toronto Public Library https://archive.org/stream/daussocietyblueb00montuoft#page/68/mode/2up. Also living with him were his wife, son Wickliffe and presumably his Mother-in-law "Mrs nee Rodger". His son William Jr lived down the street at #326 with his wife.

By 1911 he had moved to 539 Grosvenor Ave, Westmount, accoring to Dau's Society Blue Book 1911 
GREIG, William (I5)
12 "Died in infancy" - Per Jim Mathieson (1998)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1773 
JEFFREY, Peter (I1270)
13 "Local registrant of the High Court," according to an Oct 26, 1887 Stratford newspaper clipping regarding Jenny MacFadden and Henry Jeffrey's wedding, quoted in a Los Angeles paper at the time of their 54th wedding anniversary MCFADDEN, Honor James (I1159)
14 "Sawyer" according to Jeffrey/Miller Family tree (Library/Andrew Jeffrey Cousins/James Jeffrey b1684/Item 1) MILLER, John (I953)
15 "Whitsome Hedger" according to Jeffrey/Miller Family Tree (Library/Andrew Jeffrey Cousins/James Jeffrey b1684/Item 1) MILLER, William (I1165)
16 135 page cerlox bound book provided by Rita Taylor through Tom Loghrin to John Cowan January 21, 2019. It contains various stories of the Short family from Joseph William Short (b1842) to families in the 1980s. It contains some information on 'JW's' ancestors. Editor's note on page 6 warns about accuracy. John Cowan notes some apparent erros on the caption of the picture on page 8. Source (S86)
17 5 daughters, moved to Portland Oregon, died in California (see Andrew Jeffrey Library, Item 10 Page 2)

From Wikitree: Alexander was living in Montana at the time his brother, William, died in 1908.Alexander and his family are listed in the 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 United States censuses. In 1900, they lived in Missoula, Montana (his job is listed as a RR Brakeman), in 1910 and 1920, they lived in Portland, Oregon, and in 1930, they lived in Bakersfield, California. 
JEFFREY, Alexander Laing (I26)
18 A blacksmith and feuer. 1798 tax roles show him as a smith in Chirnside, with his brother Peter (See Library Item 2).

Instrumental in formation of a Reform Presbyterian Church

1793-1802 financial records of Chirnside United Secession Church show him as a donor most years, according to Jim Jeffrey's research in Scotland in May 2018 (email to John Cowan May 23). No earlier records were found, but later records did not include donations from Andrew Jeffrey. These records also list him as an officer of that Church.

Martinmass donations 1799 show him as a donor, and the "Collector"(?) - see Library/Andrew Jeffrey Ancestors/Peter Jeffrey/2-Martinmass Donors 1799

Andrew Jeffery smith and feuar in Chirnside 12.2.1810 76 yrs. - engraved on gravestone in Chirnside cemetery

BAPTISM: December 19 1734 Andrew son to Patrick Jeffrae smith in Risla 
JEFFREY, Andrew (I54)
19 A botanist THOMSON, Agnes (I254)
20 A family tree complied by Virginia Lee Groves Kinney regarding her ancestors. Prepared by Virginia. John Cowan photographed it Feb 14, 2019 while meeting her. Source (S103)
21 A notable researcher of the Jeffrey family living near Cobourg in 1990. His reporting of facts are usually well documented, though original documents are not available to John Cowan. Many of his notes come from either Bill Campbell (via John D Jeffrey) or Jim Jeffrey. Source (S147)
22 A nurse at the time of marriage.

In 1920 US Census (email from Tom Loghrin to John Cowan JAn 29, 2019) Jean was living at 207 E.University, Royal Oak Village, Michigan. Jean was a nurse and owned the home. William lived neraby - presumably they were separated, with the children living with Jean. 
TAINTER, Jean I. (I492)
23 A professor at Harvard University at the time of his Father's death (accoroding to an obit of Andrew S Jeffrey in Raleigh)

See obit in Library/Andrew Jeffrey (1837-1910)/Item 2 
JEFFREY, Professor Edward Charles (I234)
24 A replacement for an earlier sister of the same name?

Living in Rochester in Nov 1831? See letter Andrew Jeffrey wrote to her parents in Dec 1831 regarding her sister's death. (Library/Janet Hall Jeffrey/Item 10) 
HALL, Mary II (I415)
25 A shoemaker in Clackmannan Scotland when his dauughter Janet was born. See Library/Janet Hall Jeffrey/Item 7.

He brought most of his family over to Canada in 1820, on the same boat from Quebec to Montreal as the Lyalls and Jeffreys (see Library/Andrew Jeffrey/Item 12 and John Cowan's email to Jim Jeffrey Nov 23, 2018).

He was an early sherrif of Peterborough and Victoria Counties (see Library/Janet Hall Jeffrey/Item 12). 
HALL, James II (I10)
26 A transcription of a letter by Andrew Jeffrey about the death of his sister-in-law's death to her parents. Source (S75)
27 Abstracted by William Cowan March 19, 2020 Source (S152)
28 Abstracted by William Cowan March 19, 2020 via Ancestry.ca without seeing the actual notice. Source (S150)
29 According to Jim ?? of 20 St Ronan's Terrace, edinburgh EH10 5PG on MAy 7, 2000 in correspondence with William Campbell:
- Alexander was a blacksmith
- Had a large family.
- Lived in Prenderguest (Ayton) 
JEFFREY, Alexander (I60)
30 According to US Census, in 1930 he was living with his parents in Denver Colorado and was a manager in the lumber industry; he was also a veteran of WWI. In 1940 he was living with his aged parents in Denver but not working. See John Kingan.

He never married (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Kingan-33)

Find A Grave memorial #76193218 
KINGAN, Fred J. (I500)
31 Accuracy is questionable since it had recorded Honourable Andrew Jeffrey's date of death too early by exactly 10 years. John Cowan notified cemsearch of this problem January 13, 2015 Source (S9)
32 Alex Collins deduced Jean was born about 1803, as sourced to his email of Oct 28, 2017 to Jim Jeffrey.

Bill Campbell reports in correspondence Oct 1990 that he believes Jane was born in about 1798 - no source info.

DEATH: Also shown as Died Winnipeg. 
JEFFREY, Jean (I214)
33 Alexander Laing Jeffrey's Death Certificate refers to her as Annie Lincoln Jeffrey but she signed it as Lillian Jeffrey. The same certificate shows Alexander as "Lane" instead of Laing, so there are some liberties with spelling of names. LINCOLN, Anna (I258)
34 An accountant for a shipping company. Lived in Goderich and then Toronto.

First Toronto address was 68 Forest Hill Road (see Alexander Bob Jeffrey Library item 11). 
JEFFREY, Alexander Hall (I29)
35 An assembly of Jeffrey family data collected by Tom Loghrin Source (S61)
36 Annie Bradshaw email to John Cowan April 16, 2019 says he was a Blacksmith in Union Hall, Berwick

Birth year conflict with Jeffrey/Miller Family tree (see Library/Andrew Jeffrey Cousins/James Jeffrey 1684/Item 1 
JEFFREY, James (I1264)
37 Assembled by Jim Jeffrey from various inputs, marking blacksmiths Source (S66)
38 At the residence of the bride's brother, 130 Bloor St West, Toronto See  Family F7
39 BAPTISM: From the Foulden parish Register:
(p.156) Isabella, lawful daughter to William Jeffrey and Mary Lyall, born Oct 29th, baptised Dec 13th 1801, before the congregation. 
JEFFREY, Isabella (I212)
40 Became Superintendent of Parks for Edinburgh City Council. He spent 25 years there and is credited with bringing the floral clock in Princes Street up to date. (Page 19 of the "James Jeffrey, Head Gardener at Caversham Park 1888-1894" by Elaine Bradshaw, 2016) JEFFREY, John (I642)
41 Belle Jeffrey's sister, Mary Hutchison, was next door neighbour to William Greig in Westmount Montreal (see Item #3 and 5 in his Library) until roughly 1906. Belle was visiting her sister and got invited across the street to a neighbour's party where William's son Wickliffe was similarly invited. (Oral communication in about 1975 from Eileen Hutchison (daughter of Mary) who was about 5 years old at the time of said party. Eileen vividily remmebers reports of this exciting event.) See William Greig Library Item #5.

Eileen reported that her family rented a cottage near the Greig's rented cottage at South Bristol, Maine, when she was a kid, roughly 1910-1915. See Wickliffe Library Item #9 and William Library Item #4.

Belle Jeffrey signed Janet (Jessie) Jeffrey's vistor book in 1893 (see Janet Jeffrey Library Item 4 Page 13).

Belle was artistic - see Libary Item 4

Living at 26 Earl St Toronto Nov 22, 1905 when her beau of the day sent her a postcard, 6 years before she married him. (See Library/ Wickliffe Geig/Items 17 and 17a) 
JEFFREY, Jessie Belle (I4)
42 Belmont High School, 1917
Ohio Wesleyan in Deleware, Ohio for 2 years during World War 1

Opened a sandstone quarry "on the Jeffrey place that he inherited."(Casey Notes P 37)

Lived near his parents north of Belmont. His wife taught Sunday School there at the United Methodist Church. 
GROVES, James Jeffrey (I527)
43 Birth date deduced from Obit MCLENHAN, Agnes (I1055)
44 BIRTH: Also shown as Born Abt 1785

In the milling and distilling business when married (according to George Matheson in 2000 - see Library\William Campbell Jeffrey Materials\1-Mathieson Letter May 7 2000)

Census and Assessment records reviewed by Bill Campbell show that George lived on the east half of Lot 16, Conc 3, Otonabee twp. John Graham reports finding that he purchased the NE quarter of that lot registered Jan 28, 1822. in 1825 he bought the SE quarter. In 1855 he bought the NW quarter. The 1861 Agricultuural census shows him on Lot 16 with 150 acres (more than one lot?).

His will of Mar 8, 1860, gives all his property to sone John Lyal.

Not found in any cemetery. Speculation he was buried on the farm. John Cowan went to the farm Sept 19, 2019 to inquire about old burials. Current owner said he knew of none, but that there had been one soouth on Villiers Line (adjacent to property) that had been removed to make way for a golf course. John visited Bellmer Winds Resort golf course (1235 Villiers Line) and determined it had been there 11 years but the current owner is not the owner that developed it. Township office reports that no burials were moved from the golf course, however a native burial ground near the lake was left in tact.

William Campbell speculated that he was buried in St Peters Anglican's burial ground since Bill determined he was married at St Peters. (Bill's letter to John Graham Oct 29, 1990). However John Cowan learned in 2019 at a Lakeshore Genealogical Society meeting that back then marriages were not recognized by the governments of the day unless they were consecreated in the Anglican Church (example of the the power of the 'family compact'). So marriage records at St Peters are not positive evidence he was Anglican. (John's March 2020 question - could this have been St Peters Presbyterian in Peterborough?) 
GILLESPIE, George (I967)
45 Blacksmith

The OPRs describe him on the baptism record of his daughter in 1697 as "smith in Ryslaw."

DEATH: Also shown as Died Ryslaw, Fogo, Berwickshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. 
JEFFREY, Alexander (I58)
46 Blacksmith at Fogo, email from "Colin" to Elaine Bradshaw May 8, 2019 JEFFREY, James (I1258)
47 Blacksmith at Reston

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1816 
JEFFREY, Peter (I305)
48 Blacksmith in Foulden, Berwickshire, where his son Andrew was born.

He was shown here in the 1798 tax roles (see William Jeffrey Library Item 2, Page 2)

?? Rented property at Swinewood Mills in 1804, until emigrating to Canada around 1820 (see William Jeffrey Library Item 2).

Family tradition - He came to Canada to help repair the St Louis Gate in Quebec City, in 1819, before the rest of the family came. (see Misc Stuff Library Item 4, Page 11)

Settled on a farm near Keene Ontario but not found in 1842 census (see Misc Stuff Library Item 4 Page 11)

Still alive when his wife Mary died in 1857 (see William Jeffrey Library Item 2, page 1).

No evidence of his death or burial. Bill Campbell speculated that he is buried in his son-in-law George Gillespie's plot, somewhere (see Misc Stuff Library Item 4 Page 11) or maybe St Peters Anglican burial ground since it seems George was Anglican.

John Graham reports that George H. Jeffrey of Yarker Ontario wrote in a letter to John that "William Jeffrey went to Peterborough England to work on the cathedral there." So maybe he did not die in Canada?
Jim Jeffrey's Notes Nov 17, 2019

William Jeffrey was born in the 1770s in Berwickshire, probably in the village of Chirnside. His actual birth date and birth place is unknown, because there is no record of a baptism recorded in the Scottish Old Parish Registers. His birth date is assumed to be in the 1770s because his name is recorded at the baptisms of his first two children, Andrew and Isabella, which occurred in 1800 and 1801 in Foulden parish, Berwickshire. It is assumed that he would’ve been between 21 and 29 when he first became a father. The witnesses at the baptism of his first son, Andrew, were Andrew Jeffrey and Peter Jeffrey. It is assumed that the first witness, Andrew Jeffrey, would’ve been William’s father, because in the traditional Scottish naming pattern the firstborn son is named after his paternal grandfather (his father's father).
Tax records have survived for many of the Scottish parishes from the 18th century. In the Assessed Tax rolls from July 1798 for the village of Foulden (1 year 7 months before the birth of Andrew Jeffrey), a “William Jeffrey, smith Foulden” is listed. In the same Assessed Tax rolls from August 1798 for Chirnside (a village 4 miles west of Foulden), an “Andrew Jeffrey, smith Chirnside” and “Peter Jeffrey, smith Chirnside” are listed. These three men are believed to be the ‘Jeffreys’ listed on the baptism record of William’s first son, Andrew. The Jeffreys of Berwickshire have traditionally been known to have dominated the profession of blacksmiths in the area.
“Andrew Jeffrey, elder” is listed among the 115 names on a document, dated 29 February 1782, calling John Reid to be the pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Chirnside. Assuming that an elder would have a significant history with a congregation before assuming the office of elder, Andrew would’ve been active in this church for at least a large part of the 1770s. This is why William is assumed to have been born in Chirnside.
The first record of William is in an account written by a “reader” of the Berwick Journal in 1888. The Berwick Journal was a weekly newspaper, and widely circulated in Northumberland, England and Berwickshire, Scotland. In a letter to the editor, dated 11 January 1888, this “reader” stated the following:
“In the end of the last, or the beginning of the present century, toll-bars were first placed on Berwickshire roads. Popular feeling against the tolls ran so high that a number of them were burned down. My father’s uncle, William Jeffrey [who, earlier in this account, was described as a son of Andrew Jeffrey of Chirnside], was one of those who took part in the burning of the tolls. The country was scoured by military in search of the depredators, and a number of apprehensions took place. William Jeffrey was, however, able to escape. He lay for a considerable time in Whitehall plantation, concealed by its dense foliage, and was supplied with food under cover of night. How long he hid there I do not know, but in the end he fled to America.”
The facts of this account have not been verified. There were documented “toll riots” in 1792 in Dunse, Greenlaw, Chirnside, and Paxton. But since this “reader” is writing > 95 years after the riots, the details might have been “embellished” a bit. If this account is true, William would’ve been in his late teens or early 20s at the time of the riots.
William’s name next occurs in the financial records of the Chirnside United Secession Church (the Reformed Presbyterian Church mentioned above) from 1798-1802. This dissenting church kept records of individuals/families in the congregation who gave funds to the church, whether offerings, tithes, renting a pew, etc. William’s name is recorded as giving offerings in 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801, and 1802. His father, Andrew Jeffrey, was an elder in this church in Chirnside, and his name shows up prominently in these records. William’s connection with this Chirnside church begs the question: Why were his first two children baptized in the Foulden Parish Kirk, and not in the Chirnside Kirk? No answer has been found to this question.
It was around this time (1798 or 1799) that William Jeffrey married Mary Edna Lyall, and worked as a blacksmith in the village of Foulden. The date of their marriage is uncertain because there are no records of the marriage in the Scottish OPRs. Their marriage was official, however, because at the baptism of their first son, Andrew in 1800, he is described as a “lawfull son” to William and Mary. As previously mentioned, they had a son born in 1800 (Andrew), a daughter in 1801 (Isabella), and then another daughter, Jean, born in 1803. There is no record of her baptism in Scotland.
William next appears in the official recording of a ‘tack’ (rental agreement) to possess the land and mill at Swinewood in Berwickshire, Scotland, commencing 26 May 1804. He is described as “William Jeffrey, smith in Foulden.” Swinewood is 5 ½ miles away from Foulden. The tack agreement was for William Jeffrey and his family to reside at Swinewood for 19 years. Swinewood Mill functioned as a corn mill on the Eye Water, a river that flows from the Lammermuir Hills east to the North Sea. This agreement meant that, for at least part of every year, William’s occupation would be a ‘miller.’ During the rest of the year, he could also function as a blacksmith, and there is evidence that a ‘smithy’ was located on the premises at this time. In the previous account of William, published in the ‘Berwick Journal,’ after the writer’s account of the Toll Riots and William traveling to America, he said, “He [William’] was a miller to trade, and was highly successful in America.”
After William and his family moved to Swinewood, they had two more children, a daughter, Catherine, born in 1806, and another daughter, Mary, born in 1809. There are no records of births or baptisms of these two children. Mary is buried in Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada, and her gravestone simply states she was born in “Berwick, Scotland.”
At this point in time, William’s story becomes a matter of conjecture. Two ‘Jeffrey’ historians describe his journey as follows:
• William M. Campbell, in his "The Family History of The Jeffrey-Masson Family" (November 1990), says, "Family tradition has it that [William] came out to Canada, probably in 1819, to help rebuild the St. Louis Gate at Quebec City. Again, according to family tradition, Mary (his wife) and their children came out to join William somewhat later."
• John A. Graham, in his Jeffrey research, states it this way, "Family tradition has it that [William] came to Canada alone, to help rebuild the St. Louis Gate in Quebec City. This would probably be in the period 1801-1802, or possibly up to 1819. Again, family tradition claims that Mary and her family followed William to Canada."
• William M. Campbell also, in a correspondence letter in 1991, stated the following: "One of Andrew Jeffrey's grand-daughters, Ethelwyn Hutchison, had a scrapbook which contained some information in a somewhat disorganized fashion, and she claimed that William Jeffrey came to Canada first to rebuild the St. Louis gate in Quebec City. This is a general family tradition, so I am sure it is correct. His wife, Mary, and the rest of the family are supposed to have come out later and they settled on a farm at Keene, Ontario - near Peterborough. I have tried to confirm this through land records but without success, since the records at that time are not very good. Another dead end is where William was buried. According to Ethel Hutchison, he was buried in Keene Cemetery, but my wife and I searched it last June (1990) without success. He was supposed to be in the plot of his son-in-law, George Gillespie, but we did not find George's plot there, either. But George and Isabella Jeffrey were married in an Anglican church and their children were also baptised in this denomination, so I suspect that the Gillespie plot may be wherever the Anglicans buried, and that William Jeffrey may be buried there."
It is known that Mary Lyall Jeffrey came to Canada with her children in 1820, and eventually settled in Cobourg. But the whereabouts of her husband, William, have not been discovered. At Mary’s burial, in the Little Lake Cemetery in Peterborough in May 1857, the cemetery records show that her next of kin was her husband, W. Jeffrey. This most certainly would mean that William was still living, and in the area. No other information has been uncovered about William Jeffrey.
JEFFREY, William (I52)
49 Born a Moir, orphaned and broguht up by Aunt and Uncle Archibald. She appears to have adopted the Archibald surname in most circummstances. (See Library/Wickliffe Greig/Item 18) ARCHIBALD, Ella Moir (I196)
50 Born in Toronto Lived at 176 Briar Hill Avenue (originally numbered 100 before extension of the street to Yonge St) until about 1918. GREIG, Mary Isabelle (I2)

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